Our Story

Mike Echevarria and Sherri Sutton dedicated many years to training in and working with Appreciative Inquiry. They are so dedicated to the work, they started a company to bring it into other companies! With AI, companies can see the positive impact they can have with their employees and in their communities using this whole-system change methodology.

As they continued to see the power of Appreciative Inquiry and witness the profound changes it had in business, communities, cities, industries, and states, Mike decided they must find a way to bring it to Tampa. Mike said a city as great as Tampa could teach other cities what happens when you intentionally bring the right people together for the right reasons.

They hired leading experts Dr. David Cooperrider, Dr. Lindsey Godwin, and Prudence Sullivan to lead this journey and to discover what happens when you highlight and build on the best of an AMAZING city with unlimited potential. They like to call it Community Innovation!

Our Approach

We will bring together 60-80 leaders in Tampa to brainstorm and vision how to bring the best of Tampa forward and create a vision for Tampa. This won’t be political, biased, ministerial, bureaucratic, racial, administrative, legislative, governmental, etc.

It will be a conversation with all stakeholders represented, including our youth. This Steering Committee Group will help lead the direction to bring five hundred people together in a summit for a conversation about what is possible!

The summit will create work groups of individuals from all sectors who will work together to bring their hopes for Tampa’s future into fruition, and build the future we know we are capable of creating!

Why "I Am 4 Tampa" and Not "I Am 4 Tampa Bay"?

Our desire is to create a Tampa Bay project including all of the neighbors in Tampa Bay allowing each community to keep the best of what is and create a together we are better community. In order to do this, each community needs to have the opportunity to define their vision and build on their strengths and then bring them together in a mutually beneficial way. This is not a Tampa Only project, it is simply a Tampa Summit.

Let's talk

We would love to hear from you, get involved and let's build together.